Impresionante accidente mortal

Este video me causó algo de miedo después de verlo. Pensar que andamos todos los días por cualquier calle o autopista y no tenemos noción de las cosas a las que estamos expuestos o las cosas que nos pueden pasar.

Miren este impresionante accidente mortal en una autopista donde un camión pierde el rumbo y se estrella directamente contra otro del otro lado de la pista. No se sabe porque perdio el control, pero es impresionante como explota al final de todo. Un desastre…

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube


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  1. @SamYeah, the REM YouTube video was a keeper. I wehtcad it several times too.Your EventCamp Twin Cities is the perfect example of how to DIY live streaming, with all the nice additions too.I can see your perspective of Massie’s thoughts about video. I actually think it can apply to synchronous streaming as well. For example, often a general session is full of organization hype and marketing materials. No reason to live stream all of that and bore a remote audience. Wait until the presenter hits the stage and live stream their 20 minute presentation. I’ve also set in many organizational mandated training programs that the entire staff wehtcad a 10 minute video at the same time. Then we discussed followed by 10 minute video. And, I had staff trainings that were done the same way with satellite programming, all live streamed from a government headquarters. @DaveYou are so righ! Audio is imperative. When I wrote the post, I was assuming that conference organizers were already using sound and image magnification so they were already taking care of that issue. Thanks for highlighting it though. IMO, iaudio magnification and/or capture is always needed for F2F and live streaming for sure.

  2. Hello my name is chad i live in Appleton Wis i’m a puppeteer too and i like and love lip synicng songs too,you’re lip synicng is very good on the war song Low Rider i hope you can do more. and you’re pictures of your puppet are very cute too well, well i just wanted to leave those comments good luck to you and your puppets C H A D )

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